About Us

Here at Martinez Nursery, we provide our customers with a large variety of plants at wholesale prices. Whether you are looking for succulents, palms, or fruit trees, you can find it here at Martinez Nursery at a reasonable price and with quality service. 

Welcome to Martinez Nursery!

Martinez Nursery has been a family owned business since 2000. Our employees have the knowledge and experience to assist you on creating your perfect garden. We have hundreds of different succulents, trees, and flowers to accommodate all your plant needs.



We have a beautiful variety of succulents year-round offered at reasonable prices. Some counties also after a rebate for having a drought resistant garden and succulents are the perfect way to make your lawn look beautiful while saying you a couple of dollars.

Fruits Trees

We have a variety of delicious fruit trees including peaches, plums, and pomegranates.